7 benefits of down duvet for human body!

China is the world's largest down products production area, exports to the international market accounted for 70%, China's down clothing penetration rate up has ranked among the world's top, but down bedding penetration rate is far behind the developed countries. The key reason is the lack of consumer experience of the down quilt, then today we will talk to you, why should we use more down quilt?

Benefit one: good insulation

Each down filament is made up of thousands of tiny scales stacked on top of each other. Each scale is hollow and full of a lot of still air; it can absorb the body's heat and isolate the invasion of cold air from the outside world to achieve the warmth effect. So cover the down comforter no longer have to worry about the problem of cold at night.

Benefit two: good temperature regulation

Down is a three-dimensional spherical fiber, full of a lot of static air, so it can shrink and expand with the temperature change, resulting in temperature regulation function. The down comforter can be used at temperatures between 25 degrees and -40 degrees. Therefore, both spring, summer, autumn and winter can cover the down comforter Oh.

Benefit 3: Moisture absorption and wicking

Down has a large surface area and absorbs moisture and quickly dissipates it. It can reduce the incidence of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, eczema and other diseases. Is it possible to prepare a down comforter for mom and dad this winter?

Benefit 4: Good fluffiness

Chemical fiber and other thread-like fibers, after 1 ~ 2 years of use, poor resistance to pressure, easy to knot, fluffiness reduction, size shortening, etc., resulting in warmth, moisture absorption and moisture wicking decline; down is never knotted plate, long as new, warmth performance is more than five times the other ordinary quilt, more cost-effective.

Benefit 5: No pressure feeling

Cotton winter comforter is about 7.5kg, and 5kg comforter obviously feels oppressive; it affects heart, lungs and blood pressure. A down comforter is suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with poor sleep or high blood pressure. After you get used to the down comforter, you will never want to sleep with other materials.

Benefit 6: Good fit

Down comforters are light, soft, comfortable, and have a good fit, making your body feel warmer and more comfortable. The down comforter is sewn in individual squares, not traditional wadding, so it has the best fit. It feels like your body is one with the comforter, so the quality of life is greatly improved!

Benefit 7: Durable and economical

Many people only know that down comforters are expensive, but they don't know that they are durable. The down fabric is high-count and high-density durability can reach 30 years, and the down can be used for a longer life, and can be passed on to three generations in Europe. Maybe you only see the high price of the down comforter, but you don't think the value is higher!



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