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How to identify the quality of hotel towels?

As one of the most commonly used fabric products in hotels, the identification of towel quality is a part of the hotel purchase fabric must pay attention to, so from what aspects should we start? What kind of towel is excellent quality to meet the hotel purchase standards? China hotel fabric network editor will be in this issue from the "towel raw materials and grams" and "towel weaving process" two aspects to everyone in the choice of towels to do a knowledge of the supplement.

A, towel raw materials and grams

Raw materials directly determine the quality. Most of the raw materials used in high-quality towels are 100% cotton. Hotel towels are mainly spun from cotton fibers into the first-class yarn weaving, the advantages of: good water absorption, soft feel, three-dimensional sense of strong. The cost of towels is based on weight, the heavier the cost, the better the quality. The lighter the weight of a single towel, the better the style, the better the cotton yarn used. On the contrary, the towel weight is not low, but the towel style is not good, such as short hair, runt hair, thin, it proves that the cotton yarn quality is poor.

The advantages of cotton towels:

1, moisture absorption:

Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption, under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content of 8-10%, so it touches human skin, so that people feel soft and not stiff. 

2、Moisture retention:

Cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, which has good moisturizing property.

3, heat resistance:

Cotton towel heat resistance is good, below 110 degrees Celsius, will only cause evaporation of water on the fabric, will not damage the fiber, so use at room temperature, washing printing and dyeing, etc. on the towel are not affected.

4、Alkali resistance:

Cotton fiber resistance to alkali is strong, in alkali solution, the fiber does not occur in the destruction of the phenomenon, the performance is conducive to the use of towels for washing.


The main component of cotton fiber is cellulose, woven products and skin contact without any stimulation, no negative effects, good hygiene performance.

Second, the towel weaving process

Different weaving process, towel appearance effect is different, but also can reflect the quality and grade of the towel, especially certain process towels need special treatment, such as spiral terry, its yarn market no ready-made raw materials, need to go through the fixed spinning. The following are the commonly used weaving process of hotel towels:

1, cut pile towel:

The ordinary towel terry cut processing, so that the surface of the fabric is covered with flat pile, cut pile towel can be cut pile on both sides, can also be cut pile on one side, the other side is still terry. The characteristic of cut pile towel is soft and comfortable to use. If cut pile and then printed, it can increase the decorative beauty of the towel and improve the grade of the product.

2、No-twist yarn:

The use of adhesives instead of twisting means to make the bearded strip hold into a yarn spinning method. In the process of yarn formation, apply a false twist to the bearded strip, and after the yarn is deconstructed into a twist-free yarn. Towels made of non-twisted yarn feel good, soft, and good water absorption.

3、High terry:

High terry products that is, in the process, the product single terry lengthened to one to more times of the ordinary terry to increase the thickness of the finished product, because the lengthened terry creeping on the surface, its use of softness also increased appropriately, good water absorption is the characteristics of high terry products.

4、Satin grade towel:

Decorative very strong towel fabric. At both ends of the towel near the plain part of the terry part of each weave a section of satin pattern flowering horizontal strip to enhance the beauty of the towel fabric. The flowering part can be formed by the long line of warp floating, can also be formed by the long line of weft floating.

5, jacquard fabric:

Also known as patterned fabric or large patterned fabric. The use of different organizations, different colors or raw materials of the yarn in the jacquard machine woven into a variety of large patterned fabrics. This fabric has a complex organizational structure, pattern meticulous and colorful, pattern cycle can be very large. The fiber raw materials used, yarn special number, fabric organization and warp and weft density, such as a wide range of changes. Its design and on the machine work are more complex, the fabric of many varieties, especially the silk fabric for the most. 

6、Spiral terry:

After weaving terry due to the existence of twist, itself will rotate, in addition to the swish of the back channel, terry to the same direction of rotation, inverted, enhance the neatness of the terry. Spiral towels are characterized by softness, moisture absorption and fluffiness.

Different towels can also be mixed and matched so as to enhance the grade and quality of the products, such as jacquard and spiral combined into jacquard spiral towel, and breakaway and jacquard combined into jacquard breakaway towel, etc.




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