How to choose the right duvet and pillow?

Duvet insert

Part 01 

Classification of filling materials

There are three main categories of core filling materials: natural plant and animal fibers, chemical synthetic fibers and mixed fibers.

A. Natural plant and animal fibers

There are mainly down, wool, cotton, mulberry silk, etc. As the hotel rooms are in a relatively closed environment, so there are special requirements for filling materials. Among them, wool moisture absorption after the odor, cotton is easy to absorb moisture and new and old warmth change, silk warmth is not enough, these three hotels are generally not used for common core materials. Down warmth, fluffiness, light and soft, breathable moisture, gradually become the first choice of high-grade hotels and widely used.

B. Chemical synthetic fibers

Chemical synthetic fiber is mainly polyester fiber, which can be processed into different shapes according to different functional requirements.

In order to increase the warmth, can be processed into porous fibers (single-hole, four-hole, seven-hole, etc.).

To increase fluffiness, it can be processed into three-dimensional curly fibers.

To increase softness, it can be processed into superfine fibers.

To improve the hydrophilicity of polyester, it can be processed into hydrophilic fibers by adding hydrophilic groups. As polyester fiber is relatively cheap and easy to maintain, the hotel is widely used.

C. Mixed fibers 

Mainly from natural fibers, chemical fibers or some new materials such as two or more mixed fibers, by mixing can improve each other's defects or add some new features. Soy fiber mixed with polyester fiber to improve the activity of polyester fiber, water absorption, polyester fiber added graphene can play an antibacterial role. With the continuous improvement of technology, it has become the development direction.

Part 02 

Choice of filling weight of the core

Different fillers have different warmth and different filling weights. In the case of four-season quilts for moderate climates, for example, the down filling is about 180g/㎡ and the chemical fiber filling is about 350g/㎡, and the filling weight is adjusted up and down proportionally according to the climatic conditions in different regions.

Pillow insert

Part 01 

The choice of filling material

Pillow filling material compared to the core to be more abundant, in addition to down and polyester fiber, there are memory foam, buckwheat, cassia seeds, bamboo charcoal, ginkgo, cotton, etc. can be used as the main and auxiliary materials for filling. At present, the materials commonly used in hotels are still mainly down and polyester fibers. In recent years, memory foam because of its unique slow rebound function favored by many hotels, most of the other materials used as a functional hotel pillow core.

Part 02

The choice of pillow filling weight

The amount of pillow filling is more difficult to grasp, but in general, the filling weight of the pillow must meet two conditions.

Part 03 

The right height

The right height is to allow the cervical spine in a state of natural relaxation, but the human body shape is not the same, sleeping posture is not the same, the height of the pillow core requirements are not the same, the general supine pillow core height in about a fist, side pillow core height in a half fist height. Therefore, the height of the pillow is generally set at 8cm to 15cm is more appropriate. In order to meet the needs of different groups of people, the general moderate pillow core selection of about 11cm height is more appropriate, but also a bed with two high and low pillows, a 8cm ~ 10cm low pillow, a 12cm ~ 14cm high pillow.

Part 04

Reasonable hardness and softness

Pillow core can not be very soft, head down on the pillow can be pressed to the bottom, no support, nor rigid enough to have a large hardness or rebound force, will make the neck feel tired, can not achieve the effect of relaxation. A good pillow core to have memory foam like slow rebound function, to take into account the hardness and softness, the head falls on the pillow will slowly fall, and eventually naturally form the shape of the middle low and high sides, so that the cervical spine to get full relaxation. Based on this principle.

Single layer down pillow core generally choose 30% to 50% down content.

Multi-layer down pillow core can choose the outer layer of high down, the middle of low down.

Chemical fiber using coarse fiber and fine fiber mixture is more reasonable, coarse fiber too much pillow core is too hard, too strong rebound, cervical spine can not relax, fine fiber is too much, pillow core is too soft, not enough support. Therefore, the general choice of fine fibers and coarse fibers for mixing.

Only by strengthening the analysis and understanding of hotel textiles, we can build a good accommodation environment for consumers by choosing comfortable textiles. The hotel industry has the phenomenon of unreasonable configuration of cotton fabrics in guest rooms, we combine practical experience, through the relevant analysis of various types of cotton fabrics, and hope to solve your confusion in the selection of hotel fabrics.



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